Amazon Listing Optimization

What is known as Amazon Product Listing is a catalog of products that all the brands with the highest number of sales on the platform have. To get the most out of your sales, it is essential that you optimize your listings with detailed information and competitive prices. Otherwise, your products may not experience much movement.

The Rise of Marketplaces
market place

With e-commerce growing rapidly, brands are betting more and more on selling their products through marketplaces and in this way increasing the distribution channels within the online channel.

Marketplaces are an ideal channel for users, since they have at their disposal a wide variety of products of different brands and prices that allow a comprehensive shopping experience.

Including the sale of your products to marketplaces can dramatically increase your e-commerce business as it offers immediate access to a large customer base by introducing you to new customers.

Amazon has hundreds of millions of active buyers, and Amazon dominates the market with its growing market share in the e-commerce environment.

How do we optimize your listings on Amazon?

More and more own e-commerce will lose prominence compared to specialized marketplaces. Marketplaces such as Amazon are the main source of commerce on the internet.

These are the websites that make it easy to buy and sell for many retailers and wholesalers.

what we can do
What we can do?

At Amazon Provider, we eliminate the stress of having to advertise your products on any marketplace. Knowing the specifications of each marketplace to optimize the ads so that they appear when a customer does a generic product search is increasingly complex and there is more and more competition.

Therefore, we will ensure that your product catalog is fully optimized and regularly updated to maximize your performance and generate revenue on a continuous basis.

Some brands that are new to e-commerce consider Amazon as a competitor, however, they are highly wrong. It is necessary to consider marketplaces as an additional distribution channel in your online strategy. The reasons are as follows:

Greater volume

While it is true that selling through a third party reduces the contribution margin due to the commission that must be paid to Amazon for each sale, the benefits of obtaining a greater volume are much greater.

Selling on marketplaces increases the notoriety of the brand at the expense of the contribution margin of each sale. If you want to obtain the same level of notoriety in the short term, you should invest large amounts of money in paid media such as Display, or PPC campaigns.

Getting an increase in the advertising budget in exchange for promises of short-term returns is something that marketing managers know the complexity that comes with. With this, it is much less risky to place the product within the catalog of a  marketplace.

greater volume
customer review
Customer reviews

Having the product in a marketplace has very positive synergies for the brand since it allows customers to share their opinions of the products you sell.

This is undoubtedly an asset for the company, which generates much more reliability than the opinions of customers that its own brand incorporates in its own e-commerce.


Especially for brands that want to make themselves known in a specific market; the marketplace generates much more trust in the user than an eCommerce of a brand that they do not know.

With which the conversion rate will be much higher on the marketplace than on the website itself.

amazon listing optimization
How to optimize your listings on Amazon?

If you want to optimize your Amazon listings, we can help you better than anyone else, and today we want to share with you some little tips that will help you boost your catalog and become a “top seller”.

The golden rule is to spend time on it. Keep in mind that on Amazon, and on the web in general, what is trending today will no longer be tomorrow. Therefore, you must be constant and put all your energy into the task.